We are noted for distinctive spaces that make connections and highlight sensibilities. You could call it charismatic architecture.

Ratan J Batliboi – Consultants Pvt Ltd is a team of architects and interior designers that was established in 1988 in Mumbai, India by architect Ratan J. Batliboi. With over one hundred professionals, the firm operates from an 8000 square foot office in central Mumbai.We are a custom architecture and design firm that is dedicated to providing high worth architectural design for corporate, commercial, residential, academic, cultural and institutional projects.

RJB-CPL believes in an integrated approach to design by challenging conventional beliefs of aesthetics and planning. Our design ethos is modern, contemporary, forward looking and fresh but yet timeless – two seeming opposites but when you stop and think about it all we are saying is that whatever we do has the hallmark of good design. We make our own way and are respected by our peers in our areas of specialisation of architecture, urban and infrastructure design and interior design. Our innovative use of technologies and architectural design sense results in smarter built environments. Converging our knowledge we make design and technology come together to create spaces that optimize living and working so that the final built structures and their environs are places in which the occupants flourish.

RJB-CPL’s combination of architectural design excellence and construction management experience leads to an integrated design process that makes projects flow smoothly. Constant upgrades to keep up with the latest technological products have resulted in high-end IT resources and infrastructure. Architectural and design tools in the form of computer hardware and software aid the complex process of creative visualization and detailing.

The firm has cutting-edge expertise in these areas and hence time-to- delivery of design alternatives and concepts is minimal. The firm engages with a multiplicity of interdisciplinary issues concerning cost-efficient, effective solutions which ultimately means that we are the catalyst for our client’s aspirations.

Each project is an art in itself in which we strive not just to complete the brief but to elevate design to yet another level… to create yet another generation of ideas and add to the growing knowledge of our industry.

In conversation Ratan Batliboi shares his journey from his days at architecture school through his 40 years of practice as an architect and how today, the profession must innovate to adapt to new ways and always address the question of balance.

The Team

About The Team

Interdisciplinary knowledge, high performance, intelligent use of technology, and yes, a profound dedication for good design decisions - that's the package our team delivers.




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Culture and Values

We nurture a culture of ideas

Our ethos is simple – we know what we do, we excel at what we do. An easy flow of ideas, an all-encompassing attitude and innate design intelligence all add up, quite simply, to design excellence.

Our Clients

We’re fortunate to have worked with some great brands.