Duplex Resident Sky Villa, Mumbai

Resident Sky Villa
10,000 sqft



The apartment is a warm space that has a thoughtful design and remarkable attention to detail. The spaces are simple with a neutral colour palette but highlighted by decorative elements such as the colourful wall art, wood clad panels, bright accent pieces and sculptures that add a pop to the space. To maintain privacy and achieve stratification between the kinds of spaces, the main design concept was to separate the two floors of the apartment and isolate the top floor where the bedrooms are located while the bottom floor consists of a living, dining, kitchen and entertainment area. However, the top floor still overlooks onto the living area through a series of glass fins. The lower floor is a seamless experience with spaces effortlessly flowing into each other and the dining area juxtaposed such that it stands out individually yet allows for the space to spill over into the living room. The abundance of windows in the apartment allowed the use of a dark floor accentuated by random lines that continue along the staircase to the upper floor.