Interiors for J&K Bank, Srinagar

Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited
3000 sqft


The brief was to reinvent the image of J&K Bank from being authoritative to customer-oriented and the same has been achieved through the demarcation of spaces from an earlier 7:3 ratio for bank staff and customers, to a far more customer oriented ratio. Unlike a typical bank, the design is a reflection of Jammu and Kashmir’s culture, tradition and heritage. The retail space is designed unlike any other banks’ retail outlets, with a personal touch and every detail unravelling a story of Jammu and Kashmir’s unique culture. The concept in its entirety was to combine the local flavour with contemporary planning creating a timeless theme and aesthetic. The concept involved understanding the nature and behaviour of an entire community. By choosing to use local art techniques and materials such as jali, khatamband and local stone, work has been facilitated for local craftsmen and artisans. This extent of backward integration not only promotes the beauty and solidity of its stalwart heritage, but also brings J&K Bank’s concern with corporate social responsibility to the forefront. The design detailing, although ornate and intricate, befits the entire target audience, providing the a relative environment. In its entirety, the space gives a sense of traditional integration and emanates the culture of the region.