Refurbishment of MARINE DRIVE, MUMBAI

Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)
Phase I Completed
4.5 kms Stretch from Tambe Chowk (Chowpatty) to Nariman Point


How does one re-align and design an iconic landmark that is synonymous with Mumbai? The competition-winning Masterplan for Marine Drive became a solution-findings exercise driven by an understanding of environmental impact, socio-cultural behavior, circulation and movement pattern, and stakeholder interests. The first phase, now completed, focused on improving the infrastructure, like a new sea wall that reduced the onslaught of waves, whereas Phase II was more about value creation, inspired by the local character and focused on enhancing the experiential quality of the space. This one element radiated out from the seafront to provide comfortable seating, better pavements, accessibility ramps, crossings, medians, and street furniture. Pedestrian lighting design spot-lit the new aesthetics with safety and public amenities like the bus stops clubbed with green landscaped areas.