Head office for RPG Enterprises, MUMBAI

RPG Enterprises
6000 sqft


Modernity enveloped by tradition, the head office for RPG Enterprises emanates the values of the company, wherein the brand is constantly progressing while still holding onto its roots. The contemporary design of the interiors uses straight lines and minimal elements, offering an uncluttered work environment, with undulating walls creeping upto the ceiling accentuating the space. Breaking the monotony, the circular columns are clad with timber, representing the tree of thought and binding the central area together. The central area is an open plan workspace, while the cabins are lined along the sides of the premise. Each cabin has custom made furniture, everything from the bookshelves to the chairs and tables are made and upholstered to cater to the user’s needs. The glass walls along the periphery aid visual connectivity between the inside and outside, merging the natural elements on the terrace with the corporate work environment. This further aids employee productivity.