Corporate Office for BCG, MUMBAI

The Boston Consulting Group India Pvt Ltd
30,000 sqft


The project carves out over three high-rise floors, the corporate headquarters in the city for this global giant, with stunning views of the Arabian Sea. The X-shaped floor plate is broken up into four quadrants united by a central core point which houses services and transition points. The visitor access is limited to only one floor but a rich interiors scheme flows across the levels. With the aim to impress a high net-worth clientele the space needed to have design highs in alignment with their other offices globally. A contemporary scheme of “hot-desking” for consultants marked the high space efficiency while complementary scheme of textures marks the curvaceous forms that define the spaces. As wood verticals meet carpeted enclosures, white curves engage with marble walkways to mark out a unique amalgamation of break-out and workspaces. The design team worked with the clients’ usage patterns to multitask the spaces as per occupancy. They enclosed offices for everyone with standard sizes, while the larger Partners’ cabins became collaborative meeting spaces, when vacant, allowing the maximal footprint usage per floor.